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All Levels Flow for Cancer

with Dana Read

Saturday afternoon- August 5th- 4:00pm-5pm

Join Dana in this Donation Based- one hour -all levels -yoga event to help the American Cancer Society make a global impact on cancer.

There are more than 15.5 Million cancer survivors in the U.S. The number is estimated to increase to 20 Million by the year 2026. More than half of these cancer survivors will have complications of cancer and it's treatment.


The American Cancer Society is committed to saving lives from cancer. But we can't do it without you. Your donations help fight all types of cancer, for all types of people, in all types of communities around the globe.


Your donations to Relay for Life help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking cancer research, critical patient care services, education and prevention initiatives, and so much more.


***Please make a note that donations from our donation based fundamentals class every Sunday at 11:00am during the month of August will also go towards Relay for Life.


Donations made at Studio on day of event

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Inversions Workshop

with Roxanne Krummenacher

Friday night- August 18th- 7:00pm-9pm

In this 2 hour workshop, work with Roxanne to address the mechanics of poses like Headstand, Tripod Headstand, Handstand, Shoulder Stand, Forearm Stand, and Legs up the wall. Roxanne will focus on alignment, the use of props in these poses, and cultivating the courage it takes to go tail over teakettle.



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Exploring the Journey to Self

with Keri Kugler

Friday night- September 8th- 7:00pm-9pm

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever have. It's what fuels us, what feeds our soul and most importantly what helps us to give back + love the ones around us so much more powerfully.
When is the last time you've fully committed to showing up for yourself? How often do you take time to really check in and give your body + spirit what it truly needs? 
In this workshop we will talk about the importance of spiritual care and how our yoga practice plays such a huge role in our relationship to Self. We will also explore different ways that we can bring these things into our everyday lives and into our home so that we stay committed to this ever-evolving journey. 
A heart-centered and very soulful flow + meditation will wrap up our time together. We will leave our mats feeling refreshed, alive and grounded in our own, unique truth.



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Evening of Sound Healing

with SiriAtma Kaur

Friday night- September 15th- 7:30pm-9pm

Gong (Sound Healing) description:

Relax and rejuvenate with the healing and soothing sounds of the live gong.  All you will need is your yoga mat, favorite blanket, and pillow. Some will be available at the studio as well. There will be some gentle breathing exercises to help ease you into a meditative state of mind. You might choose to lie down, or sit with your back supported against a wall. This experience helps to purify and quiet the mind as the sounds are not harmonious and will reset the brain waves in 3-90 seconds. On a physical level, the sounds release tension and blocks in the body, stimulate a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous systems, increase prana (our vital life force), and improve circulation. Anyone in need of stress reduction, recovering from trauma, struggling with addictions, insomnia, or nerve damage will greatly benefit from the vibrations of this event.


$20.00 in advance

$25.00 day of

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