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The Bhavantu Band in Kirtan led by Bradford Smith 
From: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Kirtan is a singing meditation that reveals our true nature. Singing the Sanskrit names of Hindu Deities, remind us, to practice compassion, go with the flow, and celebrate our connection to a higher unifying presence. The singing is a practice, like any form of yoga, and helps us to become aware in the present. When we sing, as with any meditation, our minds will drift to other thoughts, and when we become aware of this, we come back to the singing and back in the meditation.

Kirtan is call and response singing, and the ultimate Kirtan experience is when everyone is contributing to the creative energy. Everyone is encouraged to sing and be part of creating the experience. Each individual chant is a musical journey that inspires you to drop your inhibitions and become part of the creative process. There is an improvisational nature to every chant, we never really know how it will develop and finally end. We perform chants recorded by Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Bhagavan Das.

Kirtan sound uses traditional and modern instruments to find the meditative, and also celebrate the rhythm and joy of life. The Bhavantu band has performed at Bhakti-Fest Midwest, Bradford has performed at and Bhakti-Fest West, and has been sharing Kirtans in St. Louis for over 10 years.

Admission: $15

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