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Arm Balance Workshop

Led by Erin Schulte

Friday June 21, 2019



Join Erin for a deeper look into different varities of arm balances.  If you already come to her classes you know that we usually practice at least two of them in each sequence!  

This workshop will explore arm balances in more depth, helping you to understand how to approach them intelligently.  Come with a desire to learn, sweat, and up your arm balance game!  Expect strengthening exercises and breakthroughs!  

All levels welcome!




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Evening of Sound Healing

Led by SiriAtma Kaur

Friday June 28, 2019



Relax and rejuvenate with the healing and soothing sounds of the live gong. All you will need is your yoga mat, favorite blanket, and pillow. Some will be available at the studio as well. There will be some gentle breathing exercises to help ease you into a meditative state of mind. You might choose to lie down, or sit with your back supported against a wall. This experience helps to purify and quiet the mind as the sounds are not harmonious and will reset the brain waves in 3-90 seconds. On a physical level, the sounds release tension and blocks in the body, stimulate a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous systems, increase prana (our vital life force), and improve circulation. Anyone in need of stress reduction, recovering from trauma, struggling with addictions, insomnia, or nerve damage will greatly benefit from the vibrations of this event.


$20.00 In Advance
$25.00 Day Of


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