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Back to Basics Workshop

led by Roxanne Krummenacher

Saturday May 11th, 2019

Roxanne is passionate about getting into the nitty gritty alignment principles of the basic poses of yoga and new yogis are her favorite to teach because she gets to watch them fall in love with what she is so in love with.

You will want to join Roxanne for this workshop if you’re someone who has never ever done yoga before OR someone who wants an in-depth refresher on the basics.

Yoga doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary, in this workshop you will feel supported and safe as you learn not only what body part goes where in the basic postures, but how to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time (breath, relax, AND engage). Sound hard? It kind of is ? But we need to start somewhere……… what better place than at the beginning.



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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

led by Keri Kugler

Friday May 24th, 2019

Shamanic healing is one of the oldest holistic healing practices, which has been used by ancient cultures worldwide for centuries. Cacao ceremonies are a type of shamanic healing, but they don’t have hallucinogenic or “out of body” effects, unlike some of the other shamanic experiences.


Cacao ceremonies are rooted in helping to rebalance the energies within us, and restore good health. The benefits of drinking cacao are plentiful. Among being packed with vitamins and minerals cacao is rich with emotional and spiritual benefits as well. Cacao is said to assist in opening our hearts, connecting us to higher self, deeper states of meditation, mental clarity, creativity, healing--and it's FUN and DELICIOUS!


In this ceremony we will open the sacred space with movement. We will then reconnect to our heart’s wisdom by setting intentions and releasing what is no longer serving us as we sip on delicious, organic cacao direct from a small farm in Belize. Together we will bring new intentions in and will end with more movement to surrender fully. Throughout this experience you will be held and nurtured and will experience a heightened sense of connectedness to everyone else around you and to the sacredness that surrounds you. 

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Level Up

An Intermediate/Advanced Practice

led by Roxanne Krummenacher

Saturday June 8th, 2019
:::Do you have a regular steady yoga practice?
:::Can you do a headstand in the middle of the room?
:::Are you able to listen to your bodies whispers of when you are approaching your edge rather than force yourself into something just for a “pose” ?
:::Are you excited about doing more intermediate and advanced postures that aren’t often taught in a regular flow class?
If you answered yes to all of these – Join Roxanne June 8th- it’s going to be awesome sauce.
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Retreat in Coachella Valley just outside of Palm Springs, CA
with Roxanne Krummenacher

September 4-8th 2019


Included with Retreat: 

  • Transportation to and from airport
  • 4 night stay in 2 gorgeous adjacent cliff front homes that have a total of 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Complete with a stunning cliff side pool, spa and natural rock waterfall, outdoor dining area and large built-in grill to accommodate our entire group. 
  • Yoga twice daily
  • Healthy breakfast and lunch daily
  • Two delicious group dinners in our home, prepared by our very own chef for the evening
  • Transportation to and tramway tickets for the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway one day and an adventure to the The Painted Canyon for hiking another.


$875-$1150 per person

(airfare and remaining two dinners not included)

*⅓ due for deposit, ⅓ due by May 1st, remaining ⅓ due by August 1st

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